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Our granddaughter at a local beach park in Seattle a few years ago. The hat…

Rule of Thirds

I’m not much of a fan of rules….well, there you are.

Gas Works Park


I shot this years ago, on my Minolta X-700 35mmSLR, at Gas Works Park in Seattle. I was taking a photography workshop and they did field trips on the weekends. We met up at different locations and just wandered around, shooting whatever we wanted. If you ever run across a group of lost-looking photographers wandering about a public space, it is probably a class or workshop on a field trip or exercise.

PS: Eight months on and I’m still wearing a boot due to the fractured  4th metatarsal bone. I haven’t been out much with my camera. Poor weather ( typical for Seattle) is also a factor. So, I’ve dug into the archives and re-edited some old film images to post. Just for those doubters, here is the latest X-ray of right foot taken two weeks ago. Little or no healing, so I am now using a device called a Bone Stimulator that attaches to the foot, directly over the fracture. The theory is: wave pulses are sent to the affected area, which is supposed to increase blood flow which = bone growth. Hoping it works!fullsizeoutput_3a07

Duwamish Access Wildlife


DSC_6511-001 DSC_6512-001 DSC_6513-001 DSC_6514-001

Growth Pattern

DSC_4550-001 DSC_4551-001

Water Sculpture

Spotted in downtown Portland, OR.DSC_0099-001

One Last Look at Fungi

I think these images exhaust  my current inventory of mushrooms. On to something else!DSC_2955-001 DSC_2958-001 DSC_2960-001 DSC_2971-001

Stormy Today

The barometer needle has bottomed out on the low side this morning. The wind is blowing the leaves off of the trees and the lights are flickering in our home. These images were taken at Lincoln Park recently.DSC_2993-001 DSC_2994-001 DSC_2997-001

Three Amigos


Spotted in Peninsula Park, NE Portland, OR.

Morning Mist

Prospect Park on a misty morning.DSC_9684-001

Low Tide

Large clusters of mussels are exposed at low tide on Elliott Bay.DSC_0451-001 DSC_0461-001 DSC_0462-001 DSC_0465-001 DSC_0468-001 DSC_0474-001

Interesting Root System

DSC_8942-001 DSC_8943-001

I’ve Found It

DSC_9152-001_2I’ve been searching for the ‘unknown’ for quite some time. I found it last Fall on a bench  in Brooklyn. Precisely, a bench on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

A Bubble on Your Shoulder

Reference Nov. 4th Posting

Here is a similar image, totally unedited/cropped, to the posted “mystery image” of Nov. 4th. The colors on the bubble are a little more vibrant in this image, but also the background is more diverse and I was looking for a nearly monochromatic background. Anyway, mystery solved and I thank all of you for playing along with me for a couple of days

Large Gears

Views of the large gears located at the Portland St. Park on the Duwamish River, in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle.

8th Ave. Park-#2

8th Ave. Park: South Park, Seattle

A postal-stamp sized park in South Park that few know about as it is mostly a light industrial area. Kayakers use it to launch themselves into the Duwamish River and then either travel the river itself or head out into Elliott Bay. This is the spot where I stalked a blue heron. I posted some of those photos last week.

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