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Self Portrait

Ireland 2014

A sampler of Irish landscapes taken in 2014. The Cliffs of Moher* are behind me and the other three images are from two different spots in the Irish countryside.

*I still haven’t mastered the ‘selfie’.

Hello Fresh


Two Whole Foods employees, in the Lower East Side (NYC). After trying to convince me to try home delivery, even though I live 3,000 miles away. The girls insisted I take their photo. We also spent time sharing family info, etc.


Version 2

Location: Lower East Side, NYC.

Brian Goes to Hollywood


Portland, OR. drummer of renown, Brian Foxworthy, caught between sets at Blackwells, located in the (of course) Hollywood district of SE Portland.

The Conversation: #3, Fists


The Conversation Fingers


End of a Day


Taken along the CA. coast a few years ago, after a trip to Santa Maria, CA. to bury my fathers ashes. Always fun to break basic photographic rules  and see what shakes out.

Today in Hair Fashion


“I’m Kenny Banks”

DSC_5832 DSC_5833 DSC_5835 DSC_5836 IMG_0660

Here’s the story on this series of photos: I was in the LES (Manhattan) during CMJ shooting street scenes between sets at The Cake Factory and other clubs, when this guy comes out of a pizza place holding a $.99 slice, blurting out “Take my picture”! ( repeatedly, till he caught my attention). “I’m Kenny Banks”! I don’t know who Kenny Banks is, but this guy seems to think I should. He carefully places his slice of pizza in his car, an older, black Mercedes, and walks up to me and says, again: “take my picture with my car”! So, why not, I will play along. People around us are stopping and wondering just what is going on and why is this guy is loudly barking out “Take my picture”. I quickly take a few shots of him as he goes through this set of gestures. When I am finished shooting he goes back in the car, as I think we are done, and comes back with a CD and business card which states he is really “Kenny Banks”. He goes on to explain that he recorded with Kool and The Gang way back when and actually did some writing and background vocals for that group. He asked that I send him copies of the photos, which I did after I got home in Seattle. I emailed him files of the above photos and have not, to this date, heard back from him. He currently his a part of this group called The Rhythm Makers which do a lot of gigs around NY.

I debated with myself about doing this post for a couple of months. I finally decided last night that maybe the time was right. Tomorrow I will post some of the images I was actually shooting when Kenny Banks briefly passed through my life :-).

Today in Hair Design


People Watching

DSC_5475 DSC_5476

People-watching is fun for all ages.

Post Set Photo Shoot

Last week at CMJ: Swedish band, Simian Ghost, doing a photo shoot after their set at The Cake Shop in the LES, Manhattan.image

Einstein Photobombed My Selfie

IMG_0488-001Dublin Castle courtyard.

Parrot Guy

Guy with a parrot at Pike Place Market.DSC_4815-001 DSC_4816-001



Humans of Alberta St. #5



I’m back from a short adventure away from home.

A Second Look

I’m pretty sure I have posted this photo in the near past. I also included an 8X10 print of it in my current display, that is about to end this Friday. What I have been curious about is the pair of lower legs in the photo, behind the old phone booth. I am not sure if everyone saw and got what I was trying to do with this image: Walking in front of the Coney Island Museum of “Freaks”, etc. is this torso-less being. To me, it was a curious juxtaposition, caught at just the right millisecond. A second later or earlier and the whole body is seen and the statement is lost. No matter how long and hard one looks at this image we will never know the ‘owner’ of the torso that must be attached to the legs we see.DSC_8754-001_2

Museum/Freaks: Inside and ……..


Walkway, Prospect Park: framed by the underpass


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