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Up, Up…..

Our grandaughter a few years ago, in their Portland, OR neighborhood. She’s now a teenager.Time passes too quickly.


Wandering around St. Andrews, Scotland

People Watching

Brothers and Others

Hanging out on Christmas Afternoon

Spotted these two girls on a rooftop ( near Alberta Street, Portland, OR.) playing with a blond-haired doll. The dialogue went something like this:

Me: “May I take your photo”?

Younger girl: “Do you have flash on that camera”?

Me: ” Yes, I do, but it is too sunny out to need it”.

Younger girl: “Don’t tell my mom we’re up here”.

Me: “I won’t tell. Be careful”!


Skidmore St. Cast-offs

DSC_1949-001 DSC_1953-001

Some of the odd items spotted along Skidmore St., NE Portland. I did pick up the syringe (diabetic?) and dispose of it later. It’s so infuriating to find stuff like a syringe that could be so dangerous to humans of all ages, but especially children. That is my rant for the day.

A Charmed Life?

Snake handlers at the Pike Place Market. Of course, even the tattoo relates to their passion or …..whatever it may be called. Pretty sure I would pass on the chance to hold one of these guys.

My Niece’s Daughter

I rarely do portrait work of any kind. I just find it easier to work with inanimate objects. Having said that I thought I would share a photo I took a few years back. I have always thought that I had really captured a moment in time with this image of my niece’s daughter.

Interesting Ritual Observed

A week ago I was walking near Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill in Seattle when I observed  a most unusual Spring ritual. There was a large group of children gathered around an inflated giraffe-like creature led, apparently, by a middle-aged man  wearing fake bunny ears. As he gesticulated to the horde of children as he counted down from 10. When he said the magical number the children made a dash for these plastic, egg-shaped objects that were randomly placed on the landscaped hill. I surmised that the idea was to collect as many of these ‘eggs’ as one could. Clearly the advantage was with the faster and probably older children. This event/ritual had their own professional photographer! After all of the eggs had been gathered the children and their parents met up at the fake giraffe-like object and the ritual seemed to come to a close at that point. I think I identified with the toddler in the last photo. He seemed to be wondering what all the fuss about some orb-like  object could be? My sentiments exactly 🙂

Slow Down

A concerned parent probably made this sign and actually anchored it, using a chain, to a stake in the parking strip.

Out for a Walk

Footwatch Friday # Two

This is my second submission ( The big toe of the subject is not totally visible. You will have to take my word for it that the subject has also raised his/her big toe to signify #2). I have a sense this theme is not catching on as fast as I had thought.

Playroom on Wheels

This small trailer has been gutted and turned into a childs playroom. In the NW, where there is no shortage of rainfall and, hence, a great shortage of parental peace and quiet in the home, this seems like a great solution: send the kids to the ‘playroom’ and enjoy a couple of hours of peace and quiet.

Holding the Rope

Urban Decay for All Ages

Another shot/attempt at the brick wall. Father and son out for a walk among the ruins. The son looks like he is not so sure about this adventure.

Quality Time

Sabin School in NE Portland

SabinPlaygroundLocal public school that has a playground. During the summer months, while school is out, it is a nice place to play.

Large Lens, Painting or ?

Our grandaughter, Madeleine, standing behind a large lens on the playground set at Lincoln Park, near our home. This image, on one level, looks like a very old photo or painting hanging on a wall. Well, maybe my imagination is getting the better of me? What do you see?Large Lens

Cooling Off

Cooling OffOn a rare, warm ( dare I say ‘hot’) day in the Pacific NW these two children found a way to cool off. This water fountain is in downtown Portland, Oregon, adjacent to the Riverplace Walkway .

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