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Grafitti Sampling

From an outing a few weeks ago at the rail yard in South Seattle.


Link light rail train heading into the SODO station, in a northerly direction. SODO translates to South of the Dome, a domed stadium that was demo’d years  ago to make way for the stadium that is home to the Seahawks and Sounders. Maybe it’s time to rename this light industrial area south of downtown Seattle?

Seattle Rail Yard

Version 2From the Lucille St. bridge, looking NW. Some of rail lines leading into Seattle. Some of the spurs off of these main lines are not in use today as industries have relocated outside the city limits or just closed down.

Both Directions

Rail lines run right down the Yakima River Canyon. While I was there I actually did see a freight train go by right after I took these shots. there were quite a few fly fisherman along the river this day. The ones who wade into the river use these tracks to get to their favorite spots as there is not much space to walk along the river itself in places.

PS: Just a quick note. I will be in NYC/Brooklyn visiting our son and family from the 21st to 30th. Will try to post during that time, but am not sure how strong their Wi-Fi signal is.

Streetcar from the Past

DSC_5622 DSC_5623 IMG_0598\

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Down the Tracks

Looking northward from Georgetown (Seattle).DSC_0023 - Version 2-001

Amtrak: Seattle to Portland

DSC_1793-001 DSC_1797-001 DSC_1799-001

Thought I would post a few images, today and tomorrow, from the train ride I took a few weeks ago.  I have travelled the route, between Seattle and Portland, probably 50-60 times in the past 5 years. Most of the year the weather isn’t very cooperative. This particular trip, an early morning, was beautiful so I did remember to grab my camera and shoot through the window from my seat. These three shots are from the Tacoma area. Farm land just outside of Tacoma and the other two images are from the waterfront area just past the Tacoma Amtrak station.

More Highlights from the Interurban Trail

South on I-5


Taken  while driving to Portland on I-5. I have made this trip dozens of times the past 4 years. Also, an image of the Amtrak train heading to Seattle. I’ve ridden this train a few times in the past few years. 


Along the Tracks

Graffiti peering out between rail cars. Containers, double-stacked, along the rail lines in Georgetown, adjacent to I-5.

Rusty Train Bridge

Rusty train bridge just west of the locks. These old bridges are cool, with the large counterweight lift mechanism.

Springs and Wheels


Looking North

Oncoming Train

A BNSF train heading towards me.


Tracks that run behind the original Rainier Brewery in Georgetown.


Adjacent to Georgetown, many rail lines of  BNSF pass by the old brick buildings.

Heading North

BNSF train heading north out of Seattle.

Trainspotting in Seattle

Amtrak Cascades heading to King St. Station in Seattle.Moving TrainFast Moving

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