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Station Design

A look at the Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. subway station in Brooklyn.

F Train to Coney Island

Washington Cemetery can be seen from this elevated section of the F Train, as well as the yard where subway cars are parked and serviced. Coney Island is home to very large apartment complexes, something you don’t usually see in photos of the summer retreat.

Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. Station

This station is the end of the F and G lines. Subway trains pull inside the large covered area and then proceed to head out in the opposite direction. The station actually faces Surf Ave. but for whatever reason, it is named Stillwell Ave. Station. I think the station got a major facelift a few years ago. Stillwell Ave. may be the street on the left ( as you look at this image) of the Station. I have entered and exited from both sides and they both work just fine, however more shops can be seen if you enter via Surf Ave. You can imagine the throngs of people heading to the beach in the summer, cascading out of the two exits. In October it is deserted, aside from a few odd travelers such as myself :-).

Today, Coney Island

In the off-season Coney Island is a quiet place. Photos taken with an iPhone.

Legs/Museum of Freaks

Coney Islandimage

A Second Look

I’m pretty sure I have posted this photo in the near past. I also included an 8X10 print of it in my current display, that is about to end this Friday. What I have been curious about is the pair of lower legs in the photo, behind the old phone booth. I am not sure if everyone saw and got what I was trying to do with this image: Walking in front of the Coney Island Museum of “Freaks”, etc. is this torso-less being. To me, it was a curious juxtaposition, caught at just the right millisecond. A second later or earlier and the whole body is seen and the statement is lost. No matter how long and hard one looks at this image we will never know the ‘owner’ of the torso that must be attached to the legs we see.DSC_8754-001_2

Sand and …….

DSC_8834-001_2 DSC_8853-001_2

Coney Island, where sand and ghoulish smiles take over in the off-season.

Coney Island Skies


Museum/Freaks: Inside and ……..


Coney Island- Off Season

Coney Island, after the summer passes, can be a very cold and lonely place. My kind of  place.DSC_8801-001 DSC_8832-001 DSC_8834-001 DSC_8856-001

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