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Start the New Week

Coney Island

My grandson, Elliott and myself, having a bit of fun at Coney Island in August of 2019. The parrot is real.

Taking a Stroll


Heron Sequence

DSC_0590-001 DSC_0591-001 HeronPrint-001

I’ve posted one or two of these images previously, but never together. Thought it would be nice to put them altogether, in sequence.

A Bit Shy




Focus isn’t quite there, but you get the idea. Animals being still is a rare event.

Theme of the Day: Dog

DSC_5639 DSC_5740


From DUMBO (in Brooklyn) and the LES ( in Manhattan), a Dog Day.

Thatched Roofs and Sheep


Irish sheep ranch/farm ( Rathbaun Farm).

Say Goodbye to 2014


Summer Fun

DSC_5010-001 DSC_5011-001

Lincoln Park

Some of the squirrels in the park are very people-friendly. If there is the slimmest chance of soliciting food from you, they will allow you to get  really close. The oddest squirrel experience: A squirrel near Sabin School in Portland ran down the side of a maple tree and up to my grandson, who was walking next to me, and jumped on his leg, then ran off in haste. I have no idea what that squirrel was thinking, but it was really odd, this random squirrel attack on a toddler!DSC_2987-001 DSC_2988-001 DSC_2990-001

More Low Tide Creatures

DSC_1166-001 DSC_1181-001 DSC_1213-001 DSC_1250-001

Happy Mother’s Day to All ( of the mothers, that is )


A Charmed Life?

Snake handlers at the Pike Place Market. Of course, even the tattoo relates to their passion or …..whatever it may be called. Pretty sure I would pass on the chance to hold one of these guys.

Along the Interurban Trail-#?


This first image was taken nearly at the end of the Interurban Trail. The center of the photo ( the vanishing point?) is the end. 

Tim’s Cascade Crunch factory, famous for those thick, teeth-breaking potato chips. Another view of Mt. Rainier and a shot of a cow viewing me.


More Highlights from the Interurban Trail


Some alpaca like to ‘spit’ so a harness of sorts is used. Interesting looking animal.

Sunrise Hike

Just a few of the things we saw as we walked up to the Huckleberry Trail on the Sunrise side of Mt. Rainier. The moss just hung like long strands of hair. The deer just walked out of the brush and onto the trail, coming within 15 feet of me. 

Crossing the Interurban

This little guy was crossing the trail amidst the bicycle traffic, etc. We decided to stand guard until he was safe on the other side of the trail. One bicyclist actually did stop and help us redirect traffic while the salamander made his journey across the trail.

Another Wild Bunny Sighting

Along the Green River Trail a wild rabbit forages for a meal.

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