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Untitled (Scotland)

Steve’s Authentic

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie.

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Abandoned and Vandalized

I half expected to find a corpse in the car as I approached it!

Street Closed


Back in Seattle for a couple of weeks. Spotted this in NE Portland, the self-proclaimed Alberta Arts District..”Rose City Vaudeville”.

Slice of Americana

Version 2

Modes of Transportation

image image image

Costly Manhattan Parking


This Jeep has Canadian plates that expired in 2006. I would guess there is an interesting story behind this vehicle and how it got here, in the LES. The sign on the left say: “Active Driveway”. With the barbed wire, I think not.

Look Back Thursday: SF Cable Cars 1970

The seemingly timeless cable cars traversing the hills of San Francisco. In the first image I was inclined to drop the VW bug out of the photo, but in reality it is the point of reference in terms of the year. So…….part of it stays.IMG_0002 - Version 2-001 IMG_0007 - Version 2-001

Transport spotted along Alberta St.

Human and animal transport spotted in NE Portland, OR.DSC_3444-001 DSC_3477-001

A Long Way from Home

Portland, OR. coffee roasting company van seen in Red Hook, Brooklyn.DSC_8416-001

Walking Around the Pike Place Market

Some views shot from behind the Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA.DSC_6895 - Version 2-001 DSC_6898-001 DSC_6922-001

Guy’s Interior Restoration

DSC_2581-001 Located on Alberta St., NE Portland. I have walked by this shop numerous times in the past 7 years and always just look in from the sidewalk. This day there was an employee working at the very back of the shop who saw me and waved me in. He was insistent, so I relented and went inside. He was working by himself as the owner was in Texas picking up another car to work on for a customer. He told me all about the shop and how he ended up working there three years ago. The shop does not advertise at all yet it gets business from all over the world. People ship their vehicles to the shop in crates, etc.  The work they do is just amazing. The green Mercedes was my favorite this day. If you look behind the Mercedes you can see ( barely) a toddler in a stroller. That is our grandson, Adam, who is 2 1/2 yo. He was very patient with me as I conversed with the employee. The blue VW  Bug is actually a light table of sorts that was made using a VW Bug that was sliced in half. Pretty amazing!! Most of the cars they  work on seem to be older vehicles that need restoration and lots of TLC. The blue hot rod was under a ‘blanket’ that was removed just so I could take a few photos.DSC_2582-001 DSC_2584-001 DSC_2586-001

Cedar River Trail

DSC_1708-001 DSC_1712-001 DSC_1715-001 DSC_1717-001 DSC_1718-001 DSC_1722-001

At the start of the Cedar River Trail. New Boeing planes with the protective wrap, a heron and a view of the Renton section of the river looking south.

Odds and Ends

DSC_1817-001 DSC_1819-001 DSC_1830-001 DSC_1836-001

Odd and ends for a Saturday. All from NE Portland. Elevated bike? Large map of Portland on the side of a garage– I am not sure of the meaning of any of this stuff. “And so it goes”.


A Streetcar Named Quincy

One of the old streetcars resting/retired in Red Hook, Brooklyn.DSC_9085-001

Google Earth

Roaming around the globe, a Google Earth photo car spotted on 5th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Vespa Obsession Continued


Vespa Spotted

In my walks around the five boroughs of NYC I always stop when I see a Vespa. I shoot them in all colors, ages and degrees of wear/damage. Brownstones and Vespa’s seem to go together. Something about the timelessness of the design, perhaps?DSC_7804-001DSC_7809-001

Three Wheels

This is the delivery vehicle for the Chip Shop. I think they might have overstated the British theme. Three wheels is interesting.


I think the warranty on this Toyota has expired.

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