Guy’s Interior Restoration

DSC_2581-001 Located on Alberta St., NE Portland. I have walked by this shop numerous times in the past 7 years and always just look in from the sidewalk. This day there was an employee working at the very back of the shop who saw me and waved me in. He was insistent, so I relented and went inside. He was working by himself as the owner was in Texas picking up another car to work on for a customer. He told me all about the shop and how he ended up working there three years ago. The shop does not advertise at all yet it gets business from all over the world. People ship their vehicles to the shop in crates, etc.  The work they do is just amazing. The green Mercedes was my favorite this day. If you look behind the Mercedes you can see ( barely) a toddler in a stroller. That is our grandson, Adam, who is 2 1/2 yo. He was very patient with me as I conversed with the employee. The blue VW  Bug is actually a light table of sorts that was made using a VW Bug that was sliced in half. Pretty amazing!! Most of the cars they  work on seem to be older vehicles that need restoration and lots of TLC. The blue hot rod was under a ‘blanket’ that was removed just so I could take a few photos.DSC_2582-001 DSC_2584-001 DSC_2586-001