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F Train to Coney Island

Washington Cemetery can be seen from this elevated section of the F Train, as well as the yard where subway cars are parked and serviced. Coney Island is home to very large apartment complexes, something you don’t usually see in photos of the summer retreat.

Skinny Houses


I took this photo 6 years ago in NE Portland, OR. The houses were probably less than a year old at the time. This past summer I was contacted by someone in Mass. regarding the use of this image for an Urban Design and Planning Quarterly. Not sure when the magazine will be published. It was a bit of an ordeal getting the images transmitted. They wanted large res versions, as this is, and email didn’t work. I ended up loading the images to my Dropbox account and giving the contact person in Mass. access to that account.

All’s well that ends well.

Georgetown House

Some images I took of a house and its ‘artwork’ last Spring/

House on a Hill

Version 2Sort of a creepy, abandoned house in South Park, Seattle. I hope to venture inside soon. If so, I will post what I find.

Before the Storm

Version 3View from a hill in South Park, Seattle, looking north with downtown Seattle in the background. Took this minutes before the storm hit. With no warning the wind and rain started and I had to abandon the shoot.More photos from this hill in the following days.

Curb Appeal


I thought this entrance/porch very unique. Just below the address numbers is a shiny, curved metallic mailbox. Lots of eye catching geometry.

Slice of Americana

Version 2

Seasonal Decor

Park Slope brownstone ready for Halloween.image

Dublin at Dusk

IMG_0439-001 IMG_0442-001

Looking Back Thursday: Telegraph Hill

Looking down Telegraph Hill towards the south. Photo taken in July, 1970. I thought it was really interesting that the sidewalks were actually sidewalk-steps, which made sense considering the grade of the hill. Also, the Bay Windows, I thought, were really neat architecturally. And, the cobblestone street (sometimes there was a layer of cement over the stones, but the cement never seemed to work well)-with all of its bumps, etc. Like stepping back farther in time than even 1970.IMG_0004 - Version 2-001

Off Road


Hanging out on Christmas Afternoon

Spotted these two girls on a rooftop ( near Alberta Street, Portland, OR.) playing with a blond-haired doll. The dialogue went something like this:

Me: “May I take your photo”?

Younger girl: “Do you have flash on that camera”?

Me: ” Yes, I do, but it is too sunny out to need it”.

Younger girl: “Don’t tell my mom we’re up here”.

Me: “I won’t tell. Be careful”!


Color of the Day is Pink


Fall while Driving

Probably something I should not have done, camera in hand randomly ( and mostly blindly) shooting, while I was driving last week. I did my best to edit out parts of the car, but as you can see, there is only so much cropping that can be done and still have some sort of subject left.DSC_2901-001 DSC_2902-001 DSC_2904-001 DSC_2905-001

Sabin Plateau

Nearly dusk on the Sabin Plateau in NE Portland.DSC_2628-001DSC_2612-001

Alki Lighthouse Pt. 2

A couple of views from the lighthouse. A kayaker and Queen Anne Hill in the distance.DSC_2220-001 DSC_2221-001 DSC_2241_2_2-001

Amtrak: Seattle to Portland-#2

The shoreline photos were taken between Tacoma and Olympia. Very picturesque. Last image is of the tower at Union Station in Portland.DSC_1806-001 DSC_1807-001 DSC_1810-001 DSC_1811-001 DSC_1812-001

Odds and Ends

DSC_1817-001 DSC_1819-001 DSC_1830-001 DSC_1836-001

Odd and ends for a Saturday. All from NE Portland. Elevated bike? Large map of Portland on the side of a garage– I am not sure of the meaning of any of this stuff. “And so it goes”.


Fairy and Flora

DSC_1886-001 DSC_1888-001

John Palmer House

DSC_1954-001 DSC_1955-001

Located on Mississippi St., in NE Portland. The front gate is padlocked and bushes, as you can see, cover the view of most of the front of the house now. I’m not sure if tours are conducted or if the house is just closed up. It is on the National Historic Registry.

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