Alki Lighthouse

Located on Beach Drive in West Seattle. One of the last lighthouses on the West Coast to be automated.

Note: My seven year old Macbook Pro expired yesterday. I did most, but not all, of my photo and photoblog work on that machine. Apparently the logic card died and Apple, in the spirit of planned obsolescence, does not supply that part any more. So, I am in the process of deciding what to do next. Since 2008 I have enjoyed doing this blog and don’t want it to end due to some mechanical failure. 

DSC_2214-001 DSC_2241-001 DSC_2243-001 DSC_2245_2-001

6 thoughts on “Alki Lighthouse

    1. Good suggestion, Valerie! I am leaving for a short stay in Portland this week and am going over the options in my head. The blog will take its usual rest while I am away from home, but I think a shopping trip is in the works for next Saturday. I relied so much on the MacBook… wasn’t till it crashed that I realized how valued it had become over the years.


      1. I have a backup on the deceased MacBook, with the exception of about 40 photos I took this past week :-(. There is an educators discount that Apple does so we are looking into that now (chatting online with someone from Apple). If the discount is a viable offer then we may just get it from a local Apple Store. Since the Logic board crashed it would take some serious $ to forensically get into the hard drive. I may look into having that done in the future.???


  1. Christopher Patterson

    I love lighthouses, are there many up there in the Seattle area? The picture of the city, was that taken by you? And where were you when you photographed that, it’s an awesome shot, I like city skylines.


    1. There are a few lighthouses along Puget Sound. If you are referring to the header/banner photo on my blog, then yes, I did take that photo. It was shot from a public space in West Seattle, a viewpoint.


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