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Kind of long distance, so apologies. Due to the location this was about as close as I could get. Plus, I was actually trespassing on Reservation Land. Since I am part Cherokee I was able to justify it in my mind :-).

Heron Sequence

DSC_0590-001 DSC_0591-001 HeronPrint-001

I’ve posted one or two of these images previously, but never together. Thought it would be nice to put them altogether, in sequence.

Say Goodbye to 2014


Heron and Lilly Pads

DSC_5036-001 DSC_5040-001 DSC_5046-001 DSC_5044-001

Along the Pacific Coast

DSC_0414-001 DSC_0416-001 DSC_0441-001


Spotted along the Cedar River. This heron was quite a distance from me as he waited for the post-spawning salmon to float by. I wish I could have gotten closer…..DSC_2787-001 DSC_2789-001 DSC_2794-001 DSC_2793-001


A Few more looks at the Heron

In Flight

Watching Each Other

A few weeks ago I had this encounter with a heron on the Duwamish River. They seem to be very wary of people so I was hiding behind some tall grasses up from the river bank.


 The wingspan of a heron, to me, seems really large. In relation to its body it is very long, large– whatever adjective fits. I have some more images of this same heron taken moments before lift off. I was stalking this heron, as they are very shy, along a spot on the Duwamish River a few days ago. Finally, I guess he/she thought I was being a nuisance hiding behind tall grass making a clicking noise ( camera ). I will post some those images in the coming days.

Note: I pressed the limits of my 70-200mm lens on these images so some of the detail is less than stellar.


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