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Fire Hydrants across the U.S.


Seattle, Portland, NYC and Wyoming. Clockwise from upper left:

Red= Gowanus, Brooklyn

Silver w/orange ring: South Park, Seattle.

Tall, crusty one with white ring: Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Red and Yellow: Portland, OR.

Yellow with blue top: Rock Springs, WYO.

Tri-color: Portland, OR.

Have a hydracious day!!

Film Crews in Gowanus

As odd as it may seem, film crews do a lot of shooting around the Gowanus Canal. This set took up quite a bit of space, with catering and support vehicles and all. There is still a graphic book available, called It Came from the Gowanus Canal, for $5. which makes sense, but a film setting seems a bit weird. Usually there is always filming done in Brooklyn Heights, a much more scenic place in Brooklyn. The series Point of Interest was always shooting in Brooklyn Heights, it seemed.

Anyway, I included the image of the church steeple across the canal, closer to Carroll Gardens and this corner shot, as well.

In Distress

Gowanus Canal: Two ways of looking at the Superfund Site.

The Gowanus Canal can be a very picturesque place or,  depending on the light and your vantage point, it can be a pretty sketchy place with an aroma you will never forget.

Gowanus Street Art

A few examples of street art seen while walking around Gowanus, between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens.

Shining a Light

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn. On a bright, sunny day the park lights were one, which made for an interesting glow. In the right, from the 3rd St. bridge in Gowanus Canal about three blocks from where our son and family live, is a view of the new, luxury apartments build right on the EPA Superfund site of Gowanus Canal. I’m not sure how the developer wrangled a green light to develop on this site, but since this is NYC, I would imagine some money exchanged hands and all was good. The Canal has been designated a Superfund site since 2007 and only the week I was visiting were they starting the first pilot debris removal from one section of the canal called “the turnaround ” adjacent to the Whole Foods store that just went in a few years ago ( that’s another story). What may look like an idyllic location in this image is actually a very toxic ( heavy metals,  tar oil, etc) waterway which, on heavy rain days, raw, untreated sewage flows into. Then there is the smell, something you would never forget. On hot days the canal becomes this stagnant, heated cesspool that has an odor you would never forget. On this day it was pretty mild, but still can be shocking to non-residents walking through. I have read that the starting rents on the one bedroom apartments is $4500.00 per month!  One more dynamic to consider: during Superstorm Sandy the area flooded. The water came up over the banks of the canal and ran uphill about one block, which would put the first floor apartments at risk in the event of another big storm. You can  see some videos of Gowanus and the storm on YouTube. Very crazy.fullsizeoutput_2646

My Kind of Tourism

Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY. The EPA Superfund Site that has a souvenir shop.


Superfund site on a sunny day.
DSC_8194-001 DSC_8199-001 DSC_8200-001

Gowanus Canal from the F Train

DSC_8983_2-001 DSC_8984_2-001

Two Views: Kentile Floors Sign

Two views of the Kentile Floors sign in Gowanus. The land the sign and factory sits on is part of the Superfund Site. Apparently the soil is contaminated with asbestos.DSC_8202-001DSC_8193-001

Deserted Side Streets of Gowanus

When you see grass growing in places it normally wouldn’t, it is a good bet that nature is on the march, slowing taking back the property that once was used by people. Graffiti, rust and grass/weeds are benchmarks of abandonment, I think. DSC_7700-001DSC_7702-001

More from Gowanus

Directly ahead on this sidewalk is the canal. Not a very inviting place. At about this point is where one picks up the scent of the canal. I think this sign is a Parks Dept. sign. Not sure if this sign just ended up here or that this SuperFund site is pretending to be a park.DSC_7718-001DSC_7725-001

Monday Metalwork

DSC_7706-001These objects were spotted in front of what could be an artist’s studio/residence in Gowanus.

Old Truck

Spotted in a garage in Gowanus. Since this location was fairly close to the Gowanus Canal I would assume it flooded During Superstorm Sandy. 

The Coolest Superfund Site

The recent flood waters came up to the first seat in the boat, which means that the water travelled west on this street reaching a depth of about 12″-18″. The Gowanus Canal itself is behind the guard rail and down about 6′-8′ during normal times. Between the high tide and tidal surge that hit on that fateful evening it was just too much for the canal to handle.

Abandoned Friday with Bricks

Bricked-up door, vacant brick building and Old Glory waving in the wind in front of another brick structure. All shot in the Gowanus Canal area of Brooklyn.


The iconic Kentile Floors sign in the Gowanus Creek area, adjacent to the F train that is elevated from just after Carroll St. Station to 4th St. in Park Slope.

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