Bubble Man of Central Park

This is the answer to the mystery image I posted a couple of days back ( Nov. 7th          ). I got the type or quality of the previous image due to the overcast day. The cloud cover provided a totally gray background and by focussing on the edge of that particular bubble I got the image I did. This guy was amazing to watch! I was with him for about 45 minutes, talking and laughing and just having a great time as a kid. The children that did get to watch him-he ran out of magical bubble ingredients just as I was leaving- were totally thrilled. It is a pretty simple idea with just two sticks, a piece of rope and the liquid mixture. The trick and talent lies within the manipulation of the stick and rope device and then always being mindful of the wind direction. Shooting through a bubble with people on the other side of the bubble created a cool effect, I think.

Not an Abstract Image

This image was taken outside in Central Park. By itself, it looks like something I conjured up in a photo editing program. Actually, there was little editing involved with this image. In a future posting I will explain what I was shooting. For now, I just wanted to post the image to let it stand on its own or be viewed without the back story.