DSC_2542-001This cat actually pushed out the window screen from the attic room. Once out, as with most felines, he realized he only had a breakout plan and had not thought through what to do after the breakout. He paced around the roof, meowing in distress at his predicament for a few minutes. A squirrel tempted the cat to jump into a tree on the other side of the roof peak to add to the drama. The owner poked her head out the escape window and was trying to call the cat back, with little luck for some time. Finally, the cat did come close enough to the window for the women to grab by the scruff and haul him inside the house.

About bluestar2012

Sixty six years young photographer, living in Seattle, WA.

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  1. Looks like you really love Wikipedia, too — with links to “window screen” and “meow,” terms which I thought I knew, but I followed the links and I learned more on Wikipedia!

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