Fisher Flour Mill


The abandoned Fisher Flour Mill on Harbor Island in Seattle. This time I went inside the compound ( I think it is called trespassing ) so will be posting some images caught during that visit.DSC_1270-001

7 thoughts on “Fisher Flour Mill

      1. Alfred Tang

        Thanks for the reply! I found an entry point as there was no fencing by the tracks. Getting into the mill was another issue. I only stayed in one smaller building and wanted to be safe as I was alone.


      2. I totally understand. I don’t do heights well so I was not about to climb up those rusty stairs on the outside of one of the main buildings. I would like to get permission from the current owner, King County Solid Waste, to spend time there without having to worry about being busted. Best to have someone with you and carry a flashlight, water and 1st Aid Kit. I went on a Sunday, hoping that there would be fewer chances of getting caught. Cheers!


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