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Untitled for Sunday

Location: Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Untitled for Sunday


Conservatory Images

Midweek Floral Offering



Natures Geometry

sc0039-001 sc0041-001

Saturdays Floral Offering

DSC_4285-001 DSC_4292-001 DSC_4293-001

Floral Shades

DSC_4368-001 DSC_4376-001 DSC_4377-001

Colors for a Gray Day

DSC_4354-001 DSC_4359-001 DSC_4361-001 DSC_4362-001

Fridays Floral Offering

DSC_4319-001 DSC_4320-001 DSC_4326-001


DSC_4257-001 DSC_4314-001 DSC_4315-001

Untitled Saturday

DSC_4336-001 DSC_4337-001 DSC_4338-001

Cactus Friday

DSC_4298-001 DSC_4302-001 DSC_4304-001 DSC_4305-001DSC_4279-001 DSC_4280-001

Something for a Rainy Seattle Morning

DSC_4288-001 DSC_4291-001 DSC_4293-001


DSC_4273-001 DSC_4274-001 DSC_4276-001

Hydrangeas, etc.

DSC_4261-001 DSC_4262-001 DSC_4266-001 DSC_4267-001

Conservatory Flowers


Saturdays Pair

Must be some sort of optical illusion, but when I look/focus on the dark center section of the top flower, it seeks to pulsate, in and out. Very odd. BTW: I am clean and sober :-).DSC_0187-001 Volunteer Park Conservatory-2009165-001

Wednesday’s Flora



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