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Skagit Valley

Tulip season is over, but I still have some images from our trip to the valley north of Seattle, so bear with me as I post another dozen or so images.

Friday Blues


Tulip Field, Etc.

Well, what would a tulip farm be without a faux windmill and a herd of Honey Buckets?

Taken at Rozengaard Farm, Mt. Vernon, WA.,in the Skagit Valley.

Skagit Valley

Tulip Time

Tulip time in the Skagit Valley, an hour north of Seattle.

Abandoned Dreams

DSC_4042 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley #11

Trees grow in and out of abandoned buildings in the Skagit Valley.IMG_0061 DSC_4209-001 DSC_4218 - Version 2-001 DSC_4229-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley #10

DSC_4183 - Version 2-001 DSC_4184 - Version 2-001 DSC_4185 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley

In the Skagit Valley, 60 miles north of Seattle, there are a scattering of abandoned farms.DSC_4105 - Version 2-001 DSC_4110 - Version 2-001 DSC_4127 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#8

DSC_4223 - Version 2-001 DSC_4229 - Version 2-001 DSC_4231 - Version 2-001 DSC_4233-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#7

DSC_4135 - Version 2-001 DSC_4145 - Version 2-001 DSC_4151-001DSC_4150-001 DSC_4157 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#6

DSC_4209 - Version 2-001 DSC_4218 - Version 2-001 DSC_4222-001 DSC_4224-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#5

DSC_4127 - Version 2-001 DSC_4131 - Version 2-001 DSC_4164 - Version 2-001

One Vote


Abandoned Skagit Valley#4

DSC_4108-001DSC_4084 - Version 2-001 DSC_4094-001 DSC_4096 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#3

DSC_4048 - Version 2-001 DSC_4052-001 DSC_4058 - Version 2-001 DSC_4060 - Version 2

Abandoned Skagit Valley#2

What’s left of an old milking barn.DSC_4153-001DSC_4046 - Version 2-001 DSC_4049 - Version 2

Skagit Valley: Abandoned#3

DSC_2333_2-001 DSC_2363_2-001 DSC_2365-001 DSC_2352-001 (2)

Color versions of previous images. With color you can see the tonal variations in the corrugated roof ( as well as the geometry of lines) and the shades of rust to the right of the doorway above. I like seeing the partial windows in the background; adds some sort of depth, but leads nowhere. Well, just some random thoughts. I rarely comment on the images I post. I would rather the images spoke for themselves, but today I felt like sharing my impressions:-).

Skagit Valley: Abandoned#2

DSC_2338_2-001 (2) DSC_2343-001 (2) DSC_2349-001 DSC_2372_2-001 (2)

Skagit Valley: Abandoned Farm Buildings

DSC_2335_2-001 (2) DSC_2352_2-001 DSC_2354-003

Abandoned farm buildings just outside of LaConner, WA.

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