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Along the Interurban Trail-#?


This first image was taken nearly at the end of the Interurban Trail. The center of the photo ( the vanishing point?) is the end. 

Tim’s Cascade Crunch factory, famous for those thick, teeth-breaking potato chips. Another view of Mt. Rainier and a shot of a cow viewing me.


Spotted on the Interurban Trail

A Different View of Mt. Rainier

This view is from the Kent Valley, south of Seattle.

More Highlights from the Interurban Trail

Trestle and Bridge

A couple of more sights along the Interurban Trail. I think the clearance underneath the trestle is 8 feet, 6in. Bigfoot might have to duck to pass under.

Along the Interurban

An abandoned building adjacent to the Interurban Trail. Blackberry vines are reclaiming the space.

High Tension Towers

Crossing the Interurban

This little guy was crossing the trail amidst the bicycle traffic, etc. We decided to stand guard until he was safe on the other side of the trail. One bicyclist actually did stop and help us redirect traffic while the salamander made his journey across the trail.

Along the Interurban Trail

Midweek Graffiti Posting


Nothing like a spot of graffiti to spark the midweek doldrums.“Peace, have a good day”. I keep thinking that one day I will run across a bit of wisdom displayed in someone’s well thought out graffiti or street art. Not something as vague as: ” the end is near’. But, rather, just a tidbit of something that shows me some insight and mental prowess; something I can take with me to ponder over. So far,

no such luck.

I’ll be looking, though. I don’t understand the “3.7” in the first image. I would understand: 3.14, pi as a universally understood mathematical statement, but……3.7?


Red Dragonfly

Kaos and more from the Interurban

The rollerblader reminded me of a song by Dire Straits, with a title something like “Skateaway”. Seeing all of those bucket lifts in one place reminded me of the herding instinct. I guess it makes good advertising sense to leave them in a position that can be seen from a distance.

What would……

What would a nature trail be without high tension power lines? The Interurban Trail probably started out as a maintenance road for the power company and morphed, over time, into something the public could use. 

The Interurban

A section of the Interurban Trail, not as scenic as the Green River Trail, that is straight and flat. A large portion of the Green River Trail is closed due to flood abatement efforts. The trail has turned into a six foot wall of sandbags covered in black plastic.

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