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Two iconic buildings in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Public Library and The Old Stone House in Park Slope right across the street from where our son and family live.Both of these images were taken on my iPhone. Every Saturday there is a Farmers/Saturday Market in front of the Library and entrance to Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza , a confluence of interesting sites to visit. The morning we were at the Market a man with a green flag ran up the steps leading to the library entrance and started waving this flag. I have no idea what it was about, but someone was videotaping his actions. ??

John Palmer House

DSC_1954-001 DSC_1955-001

Located on Mississippi St., in NE Portland. The front gate is padlocked and bushes, as you can see, cover the view of most of the front of the house now. I’m not sure if tours are conducted or if the house is just closed up. It is on the National Historic Registry.

Mike’s House: Project Completed

For the past two years I have been following the renovation of this house in the Sabin Area of NE Portland, Or. It belongs to a guy named Mike. Mike and I have talked a few times during the course of the renovation, but I have no idea what his last name is. I believe this house belonged to an old guy that I saw once a few years ago, a relative of Mike’s wife. The house was inherited and nearly a tear-down; it was just a horrible mess inside and out. I don’t know how the old guy survived the winters in this house. The house is even more spectacular on the inside. I have peeked in a few windows, but have not seen Mike since he completed the interior. He did everything within his power to keep the integrity of the original design, even down to the shade of yellow he chose for the exterior. If/when I get a chance to walk through the interior I’m sure Mike will allow me to take some photos.

Thomas J. Autzen House

The Thomas J. Autzen house is 10,000 sq. ft and takes up a triangular shaped block all by itself. It is arguably the most prestigious home in Portland and is currently for sale for $2.35M. The current owners have invested $.5M into renovations. The home is hidden behind a hedge.The day I went by these two fellas were replacing window panes.

Thomas Prince Home

The Thomas Prince Home on Alameda St. This is the third home I have ‘discovered’ on this street. In researching this area I found a post on the official Portland city webpage that lists all 5,000 properties, residential and commercial, that are  in the Portland area and considered historic. On this list  there are 17 addresses listed from 22nd street to 32nd street. I know have a good document to work with in terms of photographing all the historic homes along Alameda St. Should be fun. I’ll post them as I find them.


Louis and Elizabeth Woerner Home

This is the Louis and Elizabeth Woerner House on Alameda St. This home is also an NRHP home.


Historic Home

There are about a half a dozen historic homes on Alameda St. in NE Portland. This is the Edward and Bertha Keller Home, an English Cottage Revival built in 1924.

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