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River Scenes

Maple Leaves

Abandoned Green River

Derelict houses and outbuildings along the Green River. I’m not sure how or why the pallet got placed at the top of the dead tree below, but 25 feet up, there it is?DSC_4008 - Version 2-001 DSC_4010 - Version 2-001 DSC_4017-001 DSC_4021-001 DSC_4022-001


First two bridges span the Cedar River ( Renton) and the third is over the Green River (Kent). Bridges and train trestles seem to fascinate me. I should dig through my archives and do a monster bridge posting! :-). Lots of rust and creosote!DSC_2676-001DSC_2724-001 DSC_2776-001

Flood Abatement-End of the Green River Trail

Black wall of sandbags marks the end of the Green River Trial, for now.

A Few More Sights along the Green River Trail

Views of cyclists, tree limbs broken from high winds and apartment complex perched precariously on a hillside above a gravel pit were seen this day along the GR Trail.

Grafitti Scribbles

What would an urban trail be without scribblings and doodlings on most overpasses ( or flat surfaces in general )? Perhaps visually more appealing.

Wild Bunny

Have spotted quite a few wild rabbits along both the Green River and Interurban Trails.

Three that like to Fish

These images were shot from a long distance along the Green River. The adult and child were fishing right below the eagle’s nest, at a bend in the river.

Green River Whirlpool


At a bend in the Green River these little whirlpools would form and dissipate within seconds.


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