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Friday Flora



The last blossom of the year on this particular plant. The day after I shot this all of the pedals had fallen off the blossom.

Carol’s Clematis


White Clematis


Mary’s Clematis

The purple clematis I posted last week or so were from Carol’s yard. Mary and Carol are the next door neighbors of our daughters family in Portland, OR.

Shades of Purple


Clematis II: Post from the Road


Clematis: Post from the Road

The next door neighbors (in Portland) clematis.image

Todays Floral Offering

DSC_4627-001 DSC_4648-001 DSC_4653-001 DSC_4656-001


One of my favorite blossoms.DSC_4623-001DSC_4619-001 DSC_4625-001DSC_4614-001

Mondays Flora

DSC_0069-001 DSC_0031-001 DSC_0071-001 DSC_0073-001 DSC_0076-001

The next door neighbors, on both sides, to my daughter’s home in NE Portland have clematis plants that I clandestinely shoot every summer.

Monday Flora

DSC_0844-001 DSC_0869-001 DSC_0886-001 DSC_0911-001

I needed a break from the Fisher Flour Mill. Today, something to brighten up the Seattle doldrums.


One of my favorite blossoms.DSC_0856-001DSC_0853-001

Monday’s Bouquet

A Pair

Front Side-Clematis

And, here is the traditional floral view. One of the “rules” I was taught in a workshop is: “Never shoot flowers from above”. One of the next “rules” that was presented was: ” The rules should be bent or broken from time to time, whenever you feel the creative urge”. So, there you have it. As much as some would like to make Art a “Science”, basically it is whatever works for you that should be applied.

The Backside

The backside of flowers seems to be universally ignored by photographers. I thought it was time the backside had its day.


I have a black thumb when it comes to clematis. I have made numerous attempts to grow this vine over the past few years. Not sure what it is this plant needs that I seem to lack, but some gardeners have great luck, such as these examples show.

Carol’s Clematis

Carol’s Clematis

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