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This chicken was one of four urban chickens that lived down the street from our daughter’s house in the Sabin neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. On our walks home from the school our granddaughter attended we would sometimes stop by to feed the chickens-which was usually crackers like those small fish shaped crackers ( the name escapes me). There were quite a few urban chicken coops in NE Portland. One house, some sort of a commune, even had goats and sheep.


Most urban chickens I have run across are quite shy. This chicken, along with his coop-mate, saw me walking by and literally as if they were dogs, came trotting up to the fence and were not only curious, but hungry. I fed them some crackers and it was like they were ‘begging’ as dogs do. They hung around the fence till I ran out of crackers.

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As curious about me as I about him.

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Chicken coop in front yard of house on Skidmore and 25th or so, in NE Portland. The coop seems to be made of reusable and recycled materials.

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