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Abandoned Skagit Valley#8

DSC_4223 - Version 2-001 DSC_4229 - Version 2-001 DSC_4231 - Version 2-001 DSC_4233-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#7

DSC_4135 - Version 2-001 DSC_4145 - Version 2-001 DSC_4151-001DSC_4150-001 DSC_4157 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#6

DSC_4209 - Version 2-001 DSC_4218 - Version 2-001 DSC_4222-001 DSC_4224-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#5

DSC_4127 - Version 2-001 DSC_4131 - Version 2-001 DSC_4164 - Version 2-001

One Vote


La Connor, WA.

image image

Abandoned Skagit Valley#4

DSC_4108-001DSC_4084 - Version 2-001 DSC_4094-001 DSC_4096 - Version 2-001

Abandoned Skagit Valley#3

DSC_4048 - Version 2-001 DSC_4052-001 DSC_4058 - Version 2-001 DSC_4060 - Version 2

Abandoned Skagit Valley#2

What’s left of an old milking barn.DSC_4153-001DSC_4046 - Version 2-001 DSC_4049 - Version 2

La Connor, WA

DSC_4161-001 DSC_4162-001 DSC_4169-001

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