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Conservatory Flowers


Pink Bleeding Hearts


White Bleeding Hearts

It seems like this variety of Bleeding Heart is seen less often than the pinkish version.

Thursday’s Flora




*A non-botanical term to describe the little feeler-like  do-widgets in the center of the flower. ( Three hyphenations in one sentence- a new, personal best! 🙂 )

Thursdays Flora


Painting with Pixels


Blue Friday




Pair of flowers shot on film in the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Conservatory Images

Three film images shot in 2006 at the Volunteer Park Conservatory (Seattle)  in May , 2006. While I am in the process of through the 500+ photos I took the past few days in New York I thought I would share some items from the archive.

Cactus and More

A few more film images from the Conservatory scanned into PC.


I think these two flowers are hydrangeas?? Again, scanned into the PC from a film print. I’ve tried to articulate a difference between shooting film vs digital. There are probably many differences, but one that strikes me is that film images sometimes have a softness about them. I guess with Photoshop anything can be altered to look like anything. Outside of the act of editing I think  this softness is something that strikes me. I guess the same point has been made between vinyl recordings and digital; the vinyl recordings have a ‘softness’ to them, if I were to choose one word to explain the difference.

Conservatory Flowers

A few more scanned images from the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Conservatory Flowers


Thought I would post some non-winter images today and perhaps for the next
couple of days. These images were taken on my Minolta X-700 ( that is all I can
remember) and scanned into PC. Location: Volunteer Park Conservatory.

From Film Archive

BlossomblossomSome film images I scanned a couple of years ago. Shot on my Minolta X-700 I believe at the conservatory in Volunteer Park, Seattle.blossoms

Conservatory Flower

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Since we are still waiting for Spring in Seattle I thought I would post an image from my trip to the Conservatory a few weeks ago. The temp today is 46 and it is gray and raining-not the kind of conditions that make for good outdoor images. Besides, I don’t think my D80 is waterproof. There is a pattern in many of my images of flowers/blossoms. Sometimes I will use flash, but most of the time I try not to in order to get this dreamy, soft quality. Plant details are really cool, but I also like to soften the appearance.

Volunteer Park Conservatory, Pt.4

Yellowish & BlueOne DropTwo more examples of plants from the conservatory. Cactus pedal seems to be carefully cradling a large droplet of water ( not put there by me ). The blue background foliage on the other plant seems to somehow carry over to the yellow leaf of the above plant.

Heart-Shaped Buds-Revisited

Heart-shaped Buds

 Heart-shaped buds on a plant in the Conservatory. Dr. Strangelove might see them as bombs or bomblets? I’ve recently found out that this is a Bleeding Heart plant.

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