3 thoughts on “The Path You’re On

  1. Hi, Valerie! Probably won’t be doing a show, unless……..special circumstances arise in the near future. I have enough new material. Right now my heart isn’t going in that direction. I was disappointed with the results of the last one. I thought it was the best one to date, but the public didn’t see it that way. Heavy investment in energy, creativity and dollars to put a show on and if the returns are nil…….Hard to justify. So, I decided after the last one, that I would put my energy into shooting and see where that takes me. Am going back to NYC in October and will spend my time shooting, like usual. The week after I return I have a wedding reception to shoot and sometime this Fall I’m supposed to put together a portfolio for a long time friend who is a musician. Editing time for those rhree activitoes is going to be demanding.
    I just finished editing the images from the Mothership trip and I have a handful that I really like, but ……I’m not convinced it would be worth the time right now to get prints made and do all the matting and framing.
    It would be nice to take a shorter trip in the Mothership next summer. We’ll see. This trip took a toll on my body and am still recovering.
    Thanks so much for asking!
    Best wishes, Fred.


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