Update for 2015

On the lower, right of the opening blog page, I have added a link to my Twitter page. The Twitter page represents my eclectic interests in music and Urban Decay. The two don’t necessarily go together. Since I started this blog in Feb. of 2009 I have tried to think of a way to combine my music, writing and photography interests, to no avail. So, if you have the time check out some of my Tweets and Retweets. Perhaps consider my Twitter account an audio appendage to my photoblog.

On another blog-related note: Sometime soon I will be forced to go to a premium WordPress account or stop blogging. More than likely I will shift to a premium account. That will mean that the look or format/theme of the blog will probably change as premium members are offered much more in terms of content and bells and whistles ( and memory space: I have used 97% of my free space during the past years). The photography will remain the same, driven by my vision and wherever my heart leads me. Still working on my craft; it’s a journey.

I hope you stick with me along this journey I have been on. Thanks to all!

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