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La Conner, Washington.

La Conner, Washington, home of Tom Robbins ( Another Roadside Attraction & other books) and aging commercial signs.

This Way

This Way

Sign painted on the side of a building in La Connor, Wa.

Horizontal Lines

Between buildings

Space between two buildings in La Connor, Wa.

Old Signs in La Connor

7upCoca ColaVeedol

Walk In

TexacoNo Tulips in La Connor this day, but plenty of interesting, old signs.

Around town. La Connor, pt. 2

Since the tulips were not out I spent some time walking around. I thought I might spot the author Tom Robbins, who lives in La Connor. No such luck. No tulips, no Tom Robbins, but a few other items of interests.ForksBridgeSide of BuildingBait Shop

La Connor, Wa. No Tulips this Year.

La Connor, WashingtonPost Office in La Connor, Wa.

Bird Houses


 Bird CommunityEaster Bunny.







Easter Bunny, headliner in the  Tulip Parade in La Connor. We drove to La Connor Saturday to view the tulip fields. Due to our extended Winter this year the Tulips have not come out. Watching the Easter/Tulip Parade was also part of our plan. La Connor is about 70 miles north of Seattle.
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