4 thoughts on “Fall Palette

    1. One of the images that sold was the Japanese Maple. Although it was still hanging on the wall this afternoon, I guess the person is coming back with a check or something. I put two new images up on the back wall across from the wash basins. One is of some lily pads ( which I really like and got a lot of “likes’ on FB) and the other is a B&W image of a ‘house’ in Killarney, Ireland. I think you would like both of these. Let me know what you think and thanks for being so supportive. I think it may be a couple of years before I get on the calendar for this venue again, so…..


  1. I was there again today, September 30! “Japanese Maple” has a tag saying the purchaser will come back to take it on October 6. This time, I particularly enjoyed “Spring Clouds” showing the channel at LaConner, and “Winter Field” with old buildings and equipment in the Skagit Valley. Both convey the landscape, water and lifestyle of those rural outdoor areas. It was a contrast to mentally step into these quiet, isolated scenes, while walking through one of the most densely populated, urbanized neighborhoods of Seattle: Capitol Hill. I took the inner stillness of the photos with me when I walked away, down the block.


    1. Thanks so much for taking a second look! For the most part, the images are a stark contrast to the busy Capitol Hill area. When I get back to Seattle I will order a print of the maple tree (or another image) for you, if you like? Gratis, of course. Leaving for a visit to Brooklyn/NYC on the 15th to see our new grandson. End of the month I will be back in Portland (where I am this week), so it is a busy month. Let me know if there is an image you would like and I’ll order it before I leave home again. Best wishes, Fred.

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