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Looking Back Thursday: Telegraph Hill

Looking down Telegraph Hill towards the south. Photo taken in July, 1970. I thought it was really interesting that the sidewalks were actually sidewalk-steps, which made sense considering the grade of the hill. Also, the Bay Windows, I thought, were really neat architecturally. And, the cobblestone street (sometimes there was a layer of cement over the stones, but the cement never seemed to work well)-with all of its bumps, etc. Like stepping back farther in time than even 1970.IMG_0004 - Version 2-001

Looking Back Thursday-Belated–(City Lights Books)

City Lights Books, in North Beach, San Francisco. Taken 1970, 35mm film. The bookstore survives to this day, looking nearly like it did 44 years ago.IMG - Version 2-001

Look Back Thursday:

Bay Bridge at sunrise. July, 1970, San Francisco. Original image, film, shot using 35mm Agfa camera.IMG_0004 - Version 2-001

Look Back Thursday: SF Cable Cars 1970

The seemingly timeless cable cars traversing the hills of San Francisco. In the first image I was inclined to drop the VW bug out of the photo, but in reality it is the point of reference in terms of the year. So…….part of it stays.IMG_0002 - Version 2-001 IMG_0007 - Version 2-001


IMG_0009 - Version 2-001Muzak vehicle spotted in the Financial District of San Francisco, 1970. How many of you were around when ‘Muzak’ was the company that piped in ‘music’ to offices, elevators and all?

Telegraph Hill 1970: Lonely Commute

Looking-Back Sunday: Taken on film in 1970, San Francisco. Sidewalk steps and a lone man in a suit heading for work.

IMG_0005 - Version 2-001

Looking into the Past*

Vanessi’s was located in North Beach, at Broadway and Kearny. The restaurant closed in 1997. The gas station, also located in North Beach, was a little bit different than the usual corporate-designed station, even in the 1970’s-when these photos were taken.

*Both photos scanned from 35mm print film, over 40 years old.IMG_0001 - Version 2-001 IMG_0003-001

SF YMCA:1971

Continuing with the scanned prints from 1971: I stayed one night in the Embarcadero YMCA. On the left side of the image you can see the double-decked Embarcadero. that no longer exists. My room seemed just feet from the traffic, making for a very memorable night, with little sleep.IMG - Version 2-001 IMG-001

Man with Hat-1971

This posting is a total departure from what I would normally do. In 1971 I travelled to San Francisco to visit with a friend who lived in East Oakland, across the bay. I would spend my days walking around San Francisco with my 35mm Agfa camera. These images are scanned from a small print that has spent 43 years in a photo album. You can get a sense of the year by the type of cars and dress that you see. The man with the hat is part of a bygone eraIMG_0002 - Version 2-001 IMG_0002-001

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