I thought I should explain how I came to name this blog Bluestar2012. It is a reference to a Hopi legend, explained here:

. There are many sites on the web that explain this legend, but I think this is a good starting place. The year 2012 is significant in Mayan legend as well as that is when their calendar stops. December, 21, 2012 to be exact. When I think about this legend/prophecy I wonder if it will mark the end of a larger cycle of human consciousness or if it will truly mean the end of mankind due to some cataclysmic event. I also wonder if the Bluestar is Planet X, this odd planet that has a long orbit that passes by our planet every so often bringing with it major earth changes ( floods, etc.).

One can’t help but notice the increase in global warming, extreme weather events ( 100 year floods occurring every 5 years, stronger hurricanes) that may be precursors to some cosmic event that bodes badly for our planet.  As we get closer to 2012 it seems like events are increasing in strength and frequency. I also think that a certain percentage of the population of our planet sense something is changing, that we are moving to some critical mass event. If that is so, then what are we to do to prepare ourselves? How do we live out this time prior to the event?

I guess these are questions I grapple with. The past couple of years I have felt quietly driven to do this blog, knowing full well that I really didn’t have a plan or direction going in. I don’t know if or how the images I share here have anything to do with the Bluestar legend. Maybe I am just documenting what I like to do and think about in this time prior to 2012, with no direct connection to any possible event or legend. How does the human mind and spirit behave knowing what might possibly be in store for us in this time?

I trust that if I live with an open heart I will be guided to do what is best for me and those around me. The magnitude of the possible event is such that perhaps just preparing myself mentally and spiritually is the only thing I can do.

My hope is that December 21, 2012 passes quietly and mankind continues. Perhaps it is just a major shift of consciousness heading our way. That would be something to celebrate, considering the state of our world today.

  1. Dear Bluestar, I am writing to request the use of your photo of skinny houses in Portland in Land Lines, the quarterly of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Please email or call me (617-503-2253) to let me know what’s possible. Best, Maureen

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